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All Things Baby
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All Things Baby is the ideal app for logging your baby’s activities across multiple devices with a single account.

​Designed and developed out of necessity by new parents, this app tracks feedings, diaper changes, sleep cycles, bath times and more, from a simple and easy to use interface. More importantly, it saves you time by providing reports that you can print for your visits to the pediatrician’s office.

Multiple Baby Profiles:
- Twins? Triplets? More? Track all of their activities in one app.
- Easily switch between profiles from any major view.

Feeding Tracker:
- Start/Stop nursing times easily and quickly.
- Selection for types of nursing - breast/formula, solids, juices.
- Amounts for formula, solid foods and juices.
- Individual notes per feeding.

Diaper Changes:
- Type of changes.
- Individual notes per change.

Sleep Cycles:
- Start/Stop sleeping times.
- Individual notes per cycle.

Bath Times:
- Yes, bath times. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to lose track of when the last time your little bundle of joy had their bath. Especially with all the other activities you are focused on.
- Individual notes per bath.

- View all activities from a single view.
- Sort/Filter your activities by type and date range.
- Email activities to print and take with you to the pediatrician’s office.

- No need to do the math.
- View all activities from a statistical view (daily/event averages).
- Email statistics to print and take with you to the pediatrician’s office.

Growth Chart:
- Track height/weight.
- See baby’s progress from a graphical view.
- Email growth measurements to print and take with you to the pediatrician’s office.

Single Account from Multiple Devices:
- All parents, grand parents and baby assistants can login to a single account to manage the baby’s activities.
- No need to clone data or sync with other devices.

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    Growth Chart
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    The Nursery
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