Enhanced Customer Connection Operating Space (ECCOS)

Changing the way you browse!

Since the beginning of the internet, content has been served up one page at a time. Links in navigation menus or embedded within text, drive the user from page to page replacing their viewable content completely along the way.

​With ECCOS, the desktop experience has been moved to the web. Multiple windows - each self-contained, resizeable and moveable - along with a Launch bar for easy access to windows, provide the user with more control over their experience, as well as a layered approach to the content.

This design enables developers to architect solutions (or websites) to take advantage of the component-driven partterns that have become mainstream in today's development.

Here are a few sites that have implemented ECCOS:

- soo-doh-kohd (obviously!)
- The Auto Lease Calculator
- robbmorgan.com (coming soon)
- Daily Morganism (coming soon)

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